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Hannah Berling - Art Director

Madalyn Crews - Experience Designer

Shannon Gerety - Strategist

Laura Gardner - Copywriter


Student work, VCU Brandcenter


The Challenge:

The Opportunity:


Take a product that wasn't necessarily well received and create a miniature documentary that reframes and represents the product in a more positive light. 

BIC Pen, known for creating many products, released a pen called "BIC Pen for Her". The reception of the pen was not as positive as they had intended. However, there is an opportunity for BIC to gain female consumer appreciation by associating the product with values that the modern woman relates to, such as female empowerment and individuality.

BIC Pen for Her should stand with women in the revolution for equality. Representing the vital perspectives and experiences women bring to the workplace and their communities should be a priority for the brand and it's product.

Final concept:

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