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Dream Runner


Dennis Liu - Experience Designer

Madalyn Crews - Experience Designer



Student work, VCU Brandcenter


Illustrator, Game Design, Concept Design

We wanted to practice game and concept design. Dennis Liu focused on coding and designing within Unity while I designed and illustrated the game characters and landscape. The end result was Dream Runner.


You were adventuring in Dreamworld when suddenly there was a loud crack. The sky turned purple and split open as the portal between Dreamworld and Nightmare World appeared. The sky was flooded with Ghouls and Sprites as nightmare world started to take over.


It is all up to you to save Dreamworld before it is too late. Before you can close the portal between Nightmare World and Dreamworld, you must catch all the sprites and return them to the darkness. Arrow keys to move, space to jump, and Esc to pause. Collect the cute ones, but avoid the big ones!

Please note that this requires a keyboard to play, so you will not be able to play Dream Runner on  your mobile device!

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