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By giving people the tools and support system they need, LoveSpeaks can help start the conversation about emotional abuse.

UX/UI Design  |  Service Design  |  Product Design  |  Branding

Bloom Books is a digital platform that give parents the opportunity to let their children find their path and build their own interests without the pressures of societal gender norms or stereotypes.

UX/UI Design  |  Illustrator |  Product Design  |  Branding

DoorDash can be on the forefront of food bias and open people's minds and stomachs. DoorDash doesn’t just serve food. They serve culture.

UX/UI Design  |  Service Design  |   Branding

Cold as the Rockies Financial, or CARF, a fake financial firm with a dedicated app that gives 21-27 year olds a break by giving them a fake job with made up obligations.

UX/UI Design  |  Product Design  |  Experiential Design

Huey, the chat bot, is here to help ensure that every user of Philips Hue products can use them to their full potential.

UX/UI Design  |  Service Design  |   Design Strategy

The nightmare world and dream worlds are colliding and it’s up to you to restore balance. Be a hero and collect all of the spirits in a 2D platformer game.

Game Design  |  Illustration  |  Concept Design